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The Odd Pod Nursery collection is all about reusable baby wipes, storage solutions and styling comfort for your little one.

The Reusable Baby Wipe Pods have been thoughtfully put together for parents that are concerned about all the chemicals added to standard baby wipes, the impact these wipes have on our precious environment, and parents looking at ways to save cost especially during the first few years. We know all about this!

The Odd Pod reusable baby wipes are handmade using high quality 100% cotton towelling and cotton flannel. Both these baby wipe options are super soft to the touch, super absorbent and durable. The spray bottles offer the convenience of adding moisture, this can be plain water or the Apricot Kernel Oil and Rooibos tea spray solution. The reusable and washable bin liner bag is for storing the used wipes.

Keep a close eye on the nursery range, as we are about to launch some gorgeous hand knit and hand crochet baskets, mats, and cushions that will compliment any nursery.