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Baby Wipes - Cotton Flannel Reusable

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We provide a simple solution to moms wanting a replacement for standard Baby Wipes.

These cost-effective and chemical-free reusable alternatives to wet wipes are made from soft and super absorbent flannel. Perfect for sensitive baby bums, faces and sticky fingers, and can be used in the car, kitchen or at the table as the little ones grow.

Why use Flannel instead of Mircofibre?   Microfibre may feel soft, but not nearly as absorbing and tends to cause smearing rather than cleaning properly. Flannel is silky smooth, soft, gentle and so easy to wash.

If that's not enough, our reusable baby wipes are extremely durable due to the high-quality flannel fabric used, with a serged seam finish to ensure extra longevity.

Our lovely flannel baby wipes are often combined with our Apricot Kernel Oil Spray Solution to add moisture, or simply just spray the wipe with water. No need for soaking in a messy liquid mixture.

If you prefer a thicker wipe, we recommend Odd Pod's 100% cotton towelling baby wipes as they are less bulky than face cloths and perfect for a quick clean while being gentle on your baby's delicate skin.

For storing the used wet wipes, please have a look at the Odd Pod Reusable Washable Bin Liner Wet Bag. 

How many reusable cloth baby wipes do you need? It all depends on your baby, but it is generally recommended to have a minimum of 24 wipes. This allows for washing and drying in between use.

We have carefully selected the ideal size wipe making it easier for moms to use.

Wipe Size:       15 cm x 15 cm (for a larger size, please see our flannel Unpaper Kitchen Towel or PP Paper)

Pack Size:        Set of 8 wipes

Fabric:             Flannel

Colours:          Traditional White, Soft Blue, Soft Pink or Creative Designs and Colours.


Wash Care:        Wash in cold or warm water, with similar colours. The beauty with flannel is, the more you wash the more absorbent it gets. Softener may decrease absorbency and it is recommended to air dry, no ironing required.

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