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Spray Bottle 100 ml - Glass | Aluminium

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These handy refillable spray mist bottles are ideally paired with our Organic Apricot Kernel Oil mixture or plain water.  This lovely solution can be used in combination with our reusable baby wipes for moms that prefer natural and chemical-free wet wipes while saving cost. Or to use the spray bottle with our PP Paper, an environmentally friendly toilet paper replacement also known as family cloth.

Both solutions cater for those that are actively trying to source biodegradable and reusable products, for a more sustainable future.

These handy spray mist bottles are also commonly used for essential oils, aromatherapy, hand sanitising, skincare products or as a refreshing beauty spray.

The spray mist bottles are offered in two different types of material to cater for all situations and applications. When used as a baby product, some moms may prefer to stick to the Aluminium option, especially when packed in a nappy bag.


Options available in 100 ml:

  1.  Glass Spray Bottle with cap
  2.  Aluminium Spray Bottle with cap

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