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Once upon a time there were two business colleagues who would discuss the latest fashions and where to get the best high heels over coffee at the office. Not long after, it was intense discussions about colour schemes, wedding dresses and venues. Then came (uneaten) lunches commiserating over morning sickness, poopy nappies and why we didn't look like the "post-baby" moms in the magazines.  
A common thread was the amazing friendship that had developed, and how much we wished we could have our own business, doing something we loved and were passionate about.
One day we were moaning about how there are certain things we wished we'd known/had when we had our little ones, that no one ever seemed to be able to help with. We both had numerous ice trays and food containers that were bought for our little ones when they were weaning, that were awful and yet so expensive. Not to mention the many plastic freezer bags going to landfill.  
Imagine you could get a baby weaning pod? It could have the perfect ice tray with the right sized cubes! And a lid, so the painful wrapping in plastic wrap was no longer a mission.
Imagine a reusable "freezer bag", that even after there were no more baby food cubes, you could store soup or marinade meat/tofu? Imagine they were all dishwasher safe. With freezer safe, cute labels to make the whole experience a bit more fun!
And, the recipe book. No more trawling the reviews of books online, or in the baby forums, confusing the living daylights out of you. 
And finally, no more wandering stores online or in the malls to find all of these separately and still buying the "wrong" things. 
This lead to Research Phase 1. We did it for you. We bought, tried and tested whatever we could find, from where-ever, and looked at quality versus costs. Cheaper options were available but the products were sub-standard and we wouldn't use them ourselves so why would we ever tell others to use them?  Eventually, and I mean EVENTUALLY, we found the products for our first OddPod. The odd items you need, but struggle to find. 
There was a natural progression to the Eco-Kitchen Starter Pod. In no way do we profess or pretend to be zero waste, however, we were (and are) constantly challenged with wanting to do better for the environment, but Where to Start? We know if we're feeling the pain, others are too. Immediately we set into Research Phase 2, looking for local and passionate suppliers. Again, you have no idea how much we've tested and failed that you will never see on our site.... We'd love to include more options to these Eco Pods so please share your ideas!
Our OddPods are in constant research and development so please contact us if perhaps you have a gap that you would like us to develop an OddPod for (let us save you the time and money!) - or a product you feel would really synergise with what we offer. Or just drop a mail and share your experience with an OddPod you've bought.
We'd love to hear from you. 
Lots of love and hugs
Dominique & Izaan