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The Baby Food Prep Pod and products are perfect for the mommy that wants to make homemade baby food once your little one is ready to transition from milk to solids. Making your own baby or toddler food is a great choice; you have so much fun exploring the different food options and flavours, but most importantly, you know exactly what goes in their food. The healthier the better, especially if your baby has any allergies as this gives you complete control on how to manage it properly.

This Pod contains all the essential products that you'll need for your baby's food prep and storage. The products were carefully selected based on research and our own experience, saving you the time, trouble and cost.

All the products are also reusable in the kitchen again, once your baby or toddler grows out of this phase. 

The Baby Food Prep Pod is a lovely and practical baby shower gift, especially combined with one of our lovely meal guide and recipe books that we have on offer.