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Because we know you want the best for your precious little one, especially their health and delicate skin, we would like to offer you our Premium Reusable Baby Wipe Pod.

Our solution to the moms that prefers an Eco-friendly and chemical-free replacement for standard baby wet wipes, all while saving you the cost.

Inside the Premium Reusable Baby Wipe Pod:

    1.  Reusable 100% Cotton Towelling Baby Wipes - Pack of 6
    2.  Reusable Flannel Swab Baby Wipes - Pack of 8
    3.  Reusable Washable Bin Liner Wet Bag - Pack of 2
    4.  Organic Apricot Kernel Carrier Oil - 50 ml
    5.  Spray Mist Bottle, with cap - 100 ml Glass or Aluminium
    6.  Organic Rooibos Tea bags (10 off)


What's the deal with Reusable Baby Wipes?

Most standard off the shelf wet wipes are not compostable, and the single-use biodegradable baby wipe options tend to work out costly.

The Odd Pod reusable baby wipes are handmade using high quality 100% cotton towelling and cotton flannel. Both these dry baby wipe options are super soft to the touch, super absorbent and durable. The cotton towelling wipe is just thicker.

We have carefully selected the ideal size wipe to make it easier cleaning those baby bottoms. The washable cotton wipes can also be used for those sticky fingers and faces.

How many reusable cloth baby wipes do you need? It all depends on your baby and your preference, but it is generally recommended to have a minimum of 24 wipes. This allows for washing and drying in between use.


Wipe Size:                     15 cm x 15 cm (for a larger size please see our flannel Unpaper Kitchen Towel in our Eco Kitchen collection)

Colour - Towelling:        Traditional White or Dark Blue

Colours - Flannel:          Soft Pink, Soft Blue, Variety Colours and Designs


Where to store the Used Cotton Baby Wipes:

The Odd Pod Reusable Washable Bin Liner Wet Bag was ingeniously designed to make your life simpler. Conveniently store the used cloth wipes in the water-resistant wet bag and make your life easier by washing in the same load. The drawstring bag can hang on a hook or used as a liner inside a standard dustbin. The pod includes two reusable bags, so that you can use the one bag while the other is in the wash or busy drying.

Bag Size:      46 cm x 48 cm        Colours:      Grey and White


Why have we included the Apricot Kernel Oil?

We are offering an easier and less messy alternative to soaking your cotton wipes in a mixture. Simply spray the Apricot Kernel Carrier Oil solution* directly onto your baby’s bum or onto the reusable cotton wipe. The spray mist bottle is also conveniently included with the Baby Wipe Pods.

The 100% pure organic Apricot Kernel Carrier oil is very gentle and therefore often used in baby products. Apricot Oil is known to soothe, moisturise and protect the skin due to its exceptionally high content of Vitamin A, C E & GLA. This lightweight oil deeply nourishes the skin without leaving a greasy residue.

Almond oil is also commonly used, but we have considered possible nut allergies your little one may have.

The Apricot Kernel Oil offers many other benefits too, popular for a calming baby/infant massage, or even a tiny drop added to a beauty skin treatment for mommy.

The Spray Bottle Solution* = Apricot Kernel Oil + Water + Rooibos Tea (quantity and instructions will be included)


The Benefits of Organic Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea contains high levels of alpha hydroxyl acids and zinc. It is very soothing to any skin irritation and its anti-fungal and anti-flammatory properties promotes healing. Therefore, Rooibos Tea is perfectly suited to prevent and treat nappy rash.  It soothes, heals, and protects delicate skin.


Spray Mist Bottle, with cap:

Refillable bottle, holds content of 100 ml.

Options available:     Glass or Aluminium

The spray bottle is easy to hold and a convenient size, especially when required to travel around in a nappy bag or pouch. Or even in a toiletry bag. 

Conveniently use with the Apricot and Rooibos tea solution.

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