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Reusable Washable Nappy Bin Liner Bags

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An affordable solution to single use plastic nappy bin liner bags.

The Odd Pod reusable and washable Nappy Bin Liner Bag was ingeniously and uniquely designed to make your life simpler.

The drawstring bag opens and conveniently allows the bag to fit inside most standard nappy bins. We have carefully selected the right size to prevent any lasting odours.

Simply use in your nappy bin and wash whenever needed. And kudos for less dumping into our landfills.

Although the water-resistant fabric allows for quick drying, we advise buying these in packs of two, allowing you to make use of one bag whilst the other is in the wash or busy drying.

We are always conscious about sustainability; therefore you have the option to make use of the reusable bin liner bag in any other bin once done using it in your nappy bin.

We also offer the slightly smaller bag to store any of your used reusable wipes or nappies.


Product Information:

Bag Size:      50 cm x 56 cm        Colours:      Grey

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