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Laundry Wash Mesh Bag - Mini | 100% Cotton

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Our solution to washing smaller reusable wipes, such as the Odd Pod mini face pads, in your washing machine without them getting lost in the wash amongst the rest of the load.

Our high quality 100% cotton laundry mesh bag allows water and soap to filter through, while it can be sealed with a cotton drawstring ensuring your items stays inside during the wash.

These versatile bags can also be used as a shopper bag for smaller loose produce, and a wonderful option for using as a storage bag.

We also offer the larger wash mesh bag for all the Odd Pod reusable cloth Baby Wipes, the Kitchen Unpaper Towel, and our PP Paper.


Product Information:

Size:                      15 cm x 15 cm, these bags are handmade so size and shape may vary slightly.

Fabric:                   100% Cotton mesh, with a cotton drawstring closure.

Wash Care:           Advisable to line dry, do not iron, tumble dry or bleach.




This lovely Mini Wash Mesh Bag was proudly made by hand, through a Cape Community Project devoted to upskilling South African Women.

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