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PP Paper

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Also known as "family cloth" is still a new concept to South Africans. But a perfect alternative if you are concerned about the impact of toilet paper on the environment. You may reconsider your beloved two-ply toilet paper once you research more on exactly how harmful it is, especially the quantities produced and used in South Africa and worldwide. There are also some health concerns linked.

Our solution at Odd Pod is the reusable unpaper toilet paper cloth, handmade from cotton flannel, carefully selected as the fabric is super soft and ultra-absorbent. The edges of the wipes are serged to ensure longevity.

The flannel cloths easily roll up and therefore can be used liked a standard throw away toilet paper, except now it is washable and reusable, making it very cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Our PP Paper can be used for p33-p33s or p00-p00s - for the more progressive less-waste followers.

These wipes can be used dry or damp, and often paired with our spray bottles and Apricot Kernel Oil.

For storing the used wipes, we recommend the Odd Pod reusable washable bin liner wet bags.


Wipe Size:           22 cm x 25 cm single ply, fold in half to ease rolling onto a paper roll.

Pack Size:            Set of 8 wipes

Colours:              Traditional white or fun variety print colours suited for the whole family.

Wash care:         Wash in cold or warm water, with similar colours. The beauty with flannel is, the more you wash the more absorbent it gets. Softener may decrease absorbency and it is recommended to air dry, no ironing required.

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