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Apricot Kernel Oil - 50 ml

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The Organic Apricot Kernel Carrier Oil has endless benefits and carefully selected to be used with the Odd Pod Reusable Baby Wipes and PP Paper. This combination is the ideal solution to moms that prefer chemical-free baby wet wipes, or if you want to level up your fight against waste by using a biodegradable alternative to toilet paper.

Reusable Baby Wipe:  Instead of soaking your wipes in a messy mixture to get the same result, the Apricot Kernel Oil and Rooibos Solution* can either be sprayed directly onto your baby’s bottom, or onto the soft Odd Pod reusable baby wipe. Have a look at our lovely spray bottle options. Or even consider any of our Reusable Baby Wipe Pods.

Reusable PP Paper:  To add moisture and nourishment, simply spray the Apricot Kernel and Rooibos Tea Solution directly onto the PP Paper reusable wipe.

The Spray Bottle Solution* = Apricot Kernel Oil + Water + Rooibos Tea (quantity and instructions will be included)


Why Apricot Kernel Oil?

- Gentle and soothing and often used in baby products.

- The oil is rich in vitamins A, C, E and essential linoleic and oleic fatty acids.

- Excellent skin moisturiser, deeply nourishing especially for inflamed, irritated, and dry skin.

- Lightweight oil that is easily absorbed into the skin, so leaves no oily residue.

- Safe to use when there are nut allergy concerns.

- A small drop goes a far way, so it is long lasting and cost effective.


The benefits range from skin care, hair care to aroma therapy. 


A wonderful option for infant/baby massaging, especially if you are not certain of any nut allergies your bub may have.

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