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Silicone Baby Food Tray (with lid)

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A must for those mommies preparing homemade nutritious meals for their babies and even snack food for toddlers, while caring for the environment.

Why is the Silicone baby food tray with lid so awesome?

It removes the task and mess out of baby food prep, with an easy to use simple pop out method.

The 40 ml cube is an ideal portion size, especially for mixing different flavours and food options giving your baby a variety without the risk of food wastage. 

The smaller blocks are also perfect for reusable baby food pouches. Simply fill your pouch with the frozen baby food blocks the night before, or alternatively just before you run out of the house, as it will melt or can be heated when needed.

In addition, the smaller blocks fit perfectly into the Odd Pod Silicone Reusable bags.

Make use of the tray as a standard silicone ice tray once you're done using it for your baby or toddler's food, therefore you'll be saving cost and the environment. 

How to use the Silicone Baby food tray?

Simply fill the silicone trays with your already prepared food or baby puree, and seal with the airtight and spill proof lid.

Why include a lid with the Silicone Baby food tray?

Not only does the lid ensure your baby's food stays safe and fresh, the lid also allows for additional storage and stacking.  It provides a mess free alternative compared to wet and soggy single use plastic options that tend to stick and tear. We find the lid is more convenient to label your baby's food, especially when making use of our adorable range of sticker labels.


Product Information:

Size: 21 cubes, 40 ml each

Colours Available:  Green with clear lid

100% Food grade silicone

Safe to use in freezer and microwave

Cleaning care: Hot soapy water or in the dishwasher


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