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Being moms ourselves, we know what is needed to take the hassle out of baby food preparation by providing you a simple and affordable solution. The products included with this pod is all you'll need.

After cooking nutritious meals for your growing babies and toddlers, it only makes perfect sense to store them in materials like silicone. It is safer, more cost effective, and also Eco-friendly.

The products in this Pod are not baby/toddler specific to ensure it can be functional in your home again, thus ensuring sustainability and cost effectiveness.

The Baby food prep pod makes an ideal baby shower gift, also consider including one of our recommended recipe books for this option.


Inside the Baby Food Prep Pod:

  • 1X  Silicone Food Cube Tray with Lid

Smaller blocks allow for easier storage, and the ideal size for reusable food pouches.

21 cube food tray, with capacity of 40 ml per cube.

Leak proof lid, sealing in the nutrition and freshness.

100% Pure Platinum Food grade silicone.

  • 1X  Reusable Silicone Bag

Store your frozen baby food cubes for longer with less fuss and mess.

Minimal convenient storage, as the bag is collapsible and folds neatly.

Heat and cold resistant - safe to use in freezer, microwave, and dishwasher.

Holding capacity of 1 L  (L 195mm x W 120mm x H 185mm )

100% Pure Platinum Food grade silicone.

  • 2X  Sets of Labels for baby food freezing

6 Large Labels, 12 Small Labels.

Allowing you to write the Date, Content and Servings using any pen.

The labels work optimally with our reusable silicone storage bags or silicone food cube tray with lid.

The labels are perfectly suited for the refrigerator and freezer, very durable and yet easy to remove without leaving any stickiness behind.

Theme options include either Safari Animals or Adorable Monsters.

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