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Baby Wipes - Cotton Towelling Reusable

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The Odd Pod reusable baby wipes are extremely soft and durable, handmade from high quality 100% cotton towelling.

Why reusable Baby Wipes?

More and more we are finding chemicals and additives within the wet wipes on the shelf, and those that do not contain them are increasingly expensive. Very few are compostable, and if they are used for cleaning excrement they unfortunately cannot be placed in the compost.

Some moms use disposable nappies, while others use bamboo/fabric nappies. We do not judge; we are moms too! However, every little bit helps, and using a reusable wipe not only ends up healthier in the long run but does reduce your impact on the environment.

We have found the durability of 100% cotton outstanding, and they have followed us from baby bum to toddler fingers to spills in the kitchen.

For this reason, we are offering a navy blue or black option, as it moves easily between functions and does not stain as easily. There is also the white wipes for those that prefer this option.

These reusable cotton wipes work perfectly with our Apricot Kernel Oil Solution* and spray mist bottle, as a less messy alternative to soaking the cotton wipes in a solution.

For storing the used baby wipes, please have a look at our Reusable Washable Bin Liner Wet Bag.

How many reusable cloth baby wipes do you need? It all depends on your baby, but it is generally recommended to have a minimum of 24 wipes. This allows for washing and drying in between use.

If you are passed the baby stage and simply looking for a replacement for the cotton towel and wipes in your car and kitchen - these are perfect. we used facecloths for a while, but they are often just too big and cumbersome for the job. 

Why 100% Cotton Towelling? Why not Microfibre?

Microfibre - although soft - simply smears dirt and does not wipe effectively. Microfibre we have found best for dusting, and this seems counterproductive, as we need multipurpose items. Flannel absorbs less than the cotton towelling, however it is great option to consider, and these are ideal as a napkin or cleaning fingers when out and about. 

Product Information:

  • A pack consists of 6 reusable wipes.
  • Our reusable baby wipe swabs are 15 cm x 15 cm and are thus smaller than a face cloth but perfect for cleaning delicate baby bums or wiping fingers and spills. Please have a look at our Flannel wipes for a larger wipe option - 22 cm x 25 cm.
  • Colour:  Dark Blue or Traditional White (if there is a colour scheme in particular that you prefer, but we do not currently have in our range, please contact us as we may have some in progress that will suit your needs)

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