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Biodegradable Loofah Sponge

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These 100% biodegradable dish sponges are one of our new favourite cleaning additions.

Biodegradable dish sponges are among the easiest products to go green within your household.

The Odd Pod kitchen sponge is completely plastic free, the scourer part is made from natural loofah plant and the sponge from 100% cellulose.

The natural loofah offers a mildly abrasive, yet scratch free, surface to use on pots or tougher grime.

These eco-friendly alternatives to sponges are perfect for:

  • Washing the dishes
  • Cleaning kitchen countertops and spills (also see our Unpaper Kitchen Towels)
  • Cleaning bathroom surfaces
  • General household cleaning
  • Multi-purpose cleaning


Product Information:

Size:                    7 cm x 11 cm

Materials:           Natural loofah and 100% cellulose sponge

Colour:               White


Why make the Switch?

The well-known yellow and green sponges are so convenient to wash dishes and wipe up spills.  But are they good for the environment and are they even good for you?

The answer is simply NO -

Once in use, your typical synthetic dish sponge is riddled with harmful bacteria, that are not only a health concern, but also gets very smelly. They’re usually only used for a couple of weeks before being thrown away, contributing a significant number of sponges to our landfills, environment and vulnerable eco systems.

Most standard sponges are made from plastics and toxic chemicals, and therefore cannot be composted or recycled, unlike the natural loofah and cellulose sponges that we are making available to you.

So not only little environment savers, but the Odd Pod biodegradable loofah sponge is also absorbent, quick drying and will last through many tough cleaning tasks.

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